Zanzibar women's quick-dry surfing poncho / change robe

Zanzibar women's quick-dry surfing poncho / change robe

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Conquer the waves with style and comfort. 

The Zanzibar women's Surfing Poncho is a super absorbent and quick-drying change robe perfect for all water sports lovers. Designed with the iconic GAGABOO patterns and colors, this piece elevates the standard of sports fashion without compromising functionality.

Why buy it? 

  • Fast absorbing, fast-drying: Made of premium quality polyester with unique, star-shaped nylon and microfibers that quickly absorb and release moisture.  
  • Made for the extreme: Expertly engineered to withstand wear and tear and varying weather to ensure maximum durability.
  • Superior functionality: Equipped with wide sleeves, big pockets, and side zippers that allow ease of movement, convenience, and security.  
  • Skin-friendly: The Zanzibar Surfing Poncho has anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties for safety and protection from water and sun exposure. 
  • Unique & Stylish: The authentic GAGABOO sportswear design gives off a fun and adventurous vibe that stands out from the crowd. 

    If you’re looking for the next go-to sports gear to add to the collection, the Zanzibar Surfing Poncho is the one.