Menace men's snowboard hoodie - water repellent GAGABOO
Menace men's snowboard hoodie - water repellent GAGABOO

Menace men's snowboard hoodie - water repellent GAGABOO

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Menace men's Snowboard Hoodie – Water Repellent GAGABOO 


Spend more time on the slopes and look good in the process!

Compared to your run-of-the-mill snowboard hoodie, Menace by GAGABOO is made with 370g water repellant thermoactive polyester so you’re capable of withstanding the harsh cold of the mountain.  

As for your essentials, the hoodie comes with 4 pockets to hold them: two large side pockets, one smartphone pocket, and one pocket for a ski pass. Washing or replacing your zipped mask / balaclava is also made easy thanks to the regulated hood, while the regulated bottom hides your entire palm in a glove so that snow stays where it’s meant to be––and that’s outside.  

Long story short, this hoodie is a functional and stylish solution for men who're tired of letting the cold get in the way! 


Why choose Menace by GAGABOO?

  • Spend more time on the slopes – Conquer the cold with our snowboarding hoodie! The 370g thermoactive polyester repels moisture and keeps you warm and comfortable so you can focus on what you do best.
  • Carry the essentials with 4 pockets – There are two large side pockets to hold goggles or gloves, one pocket for your ski pass, and one pocket for a smartphone. 
  • Keep the snow outside – The bottom is regulated and the sleeves have long cuffs with thumb holes to hide your palm, making it difficult for snow to get inside the hoodie. 
  • Easily wash your mask / balaclava – The regulated hood comes with a removable mask which makes it easy to wash or change––ideal if you want to switch up your style.
  • Water repellent hoodie – This jacket is made of 370g thermoactive polyester which is water repellent so you stay warm and comfortable while you snowboard.